When we came across the Elken opportunity, we quickly seized it as we wanted extra income to improve our family’s lifestyle. As newly-weds, our combined income from our low-paying jobs could only provide a mediocre lifestyle with financial constraints. When Spirulina and RO water helped to cure my mother’s leg pain, we gained confidence in Elken and started to share with friends diligently, hoping to help those with health problems while securing a better future for our family. Within 7 months, we were able to own our dream car and our Elken income hit a RM50K breakthrough. We used to be anti-MLM but now, we’re proud to share the uniqueness of Elken, the System Education and the fair and lucrative marketing plan. No one will be left out if they only persist!

Rofkah binti Awam, 23 / Mohd Tuah Bin Ahmad, 29
Clerk / Machine Operator from Johor Bahru
Joined Elken: 2012
Travelling Campaign/Fund: Zhangjiajie, Korea
Car Fund: Honda Accord worth RM150K

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
Sharing in lucrative rewards

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