I lost RM180K in my catering business. Besides the dusk-to-dawn labour, imagine my stress when my daily income dropped from RM2500 to RM50 a day. On top of that, my son passed away from cancer. The doctor had earlier recommended spirulina but I doubted it. Years later, my upline shared with me about spirulina again. It’s as if God had entrusted me with the responsibility to tell people about the goodness of spirulina. Hence, I started my Elken career by taking public transport to meetings and visit prospects. Many friends doubted I could be successful. Thankfully, my sincere sharing has helped me to become DCM. The only secret to success is determination and to overcome each challenge bravely, as every challenge is a test from God. By not giving excuses and giving our best effort, we’re actually welcoming success.

Selasiah Binti Yaacob, 52
Former Canteen and Catering Businss Owner from Penang
Joined Elken: 2004
Travelling Campaign/Fund: Australia, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Shanghai, Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, Xi’an

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
Sharing in lucrative rewards

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