After Bio Pure helped improve our family’s health, I became a loyal customer of Elken’s halal and effective products. By just sharing Elken products with friends and family, I attained an income which is 8 times higher than my monthly salary. So I left my fulltime job that offered only a monthly income of SGD$1700 and night-shift ‘bonuses’. Elken’s fair marketing plan, guidance by sincere uplines and unique duplication system helped us succeed the easiest and fastest way. Also, the business does not require huge investments and we don’t need to pay office rentals and staff salaries. Our life has definitely become happier than those groaning under their 9-5 work. We’re enjoying time and financial freedom and we can now call ourselves true entrepreneurs with our own businesses!

Mohamad Azlan Idris, 36 /Raihani Bte Abdul Rahman, 35
Former IT Expert/Former Teacher from Singapore
Joined Elken: 2013
Travelling Campaign/Fund: Korea
Car Fund: Qualified

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
Sharing in lucrative rewards

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