MCCM Lee Sen How’s parents worked as rubber tappers while MCCM Lim Shiau Ting’s parents were tailors. Although their families were not well-off, they were inculcated with excellent family values since young to study hard and change their fate. Their academic performance was always outstanding and both of them graduated from UTM (University Teknologi Malaysia) as electronic engineers.

Former Electrical & Electronics Engineers from Johor

Joined Elken: 2002
Car Fund: BMW 523i
House Fund: Double Storey Link-House (Corner Lot)
Travelling Campaign/Fund: Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China (Shenzhen, Kunming, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Zhangjiajie), Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain

Special Thanks:
Mr Lee Chee Hoong
MCCM Mr & Mrs Chua Tee Khoon
MCCM Mr & Mrs Chong Chee Ann
SAB MCCM Lee Suet San & Ho Huey Chuin
My parents: Mr & Mrs Lee Kau
My parents-in-law: Mr & Mrs Lim Swee Seng

“Like most peers, I decided to purse a career as an electronic engineer in Singapore as the SGD was 2 times higher than our RM. After working for 3 years, I was earning over SGD$3000 a month, which was pretty decent,” Sen How said.

“Although Sen How was earning a decent income, he had to travel back to JB from Singapore by bus every Friday to spend the weekend with me and his family. I was working as an engineer in a factory in JB back then. We were literally a ‘weekend couple’ for 3 years,” Shiau Ting recalled.

Sen How was 27 back then and he knew that he needed a change. “I started to think and plan for my future and realised that being an ordinary wage-earner would never bring me the future I want. I started to look for an opportunity to make that change in life.

“In 2002, a former colleague introduced me to Elken. I joined as I was greatly impressed by its marketing plan and 9 benefits.

“As I analysed Elken’s opportunity, I learned that MCCM Chua Tee Khoon pursed the Elken career fulltime while studying in university, and that MCCM Tay Chee Wee was already making RM23K monthly 2 years after joined Elken. And he was only 23! It was obvious that Elken offered a faster track to succeed – if it took 20 years to succeed through a 9-to-5 job, it may only required 3 to 5 years in Elken. So, I decided to follow their footsteps,” Lee shared.

With this conviction, Lee started to use his weekends and time after work to share with prospects about Elken products and opportunities. “I used to work overtime until 8 to 9pm in my engineering job, but I changed my routine to build my Elken career. I finished work at 5.30pm and rushed back to JB to start sharing. I went back and forth from Singapore to JB daily with only 4-5 hours’ sleep on average,” Lee said.

“Honestly, I was a bit concerned and unhappy that our time together was greatly reduced as Sen How was spending most of his time in his Elken career. Furthermore, I was clueless about an MLM business. However, as I studied Elken, an ISO 9001 certified company, and saw Sen How’s determination to make a change, soon I decided to work hand-in-hand with him to create a better future for ourselves. I didn’t want to be the woman behind his success but the woman standing beside him. By working together and giving 200% effort, we were actually spending more time together too,” Shiau Ting asserted.

As this couple worked together, they became DCM 10 months. After 15 months, they qualified for all of 9 Elken benefits, including car and house fund. 3 years after joining Elken, they became CCM with a RM30k income breakthrough. The Elken career has not just given them time freedom and financial independence, but also realised their dream of travelling the world.

“MCCM has always been our ultimate goal. After becoming CCM in 2006, we kept striving for MCCM, especially when our senior uplines were achieving MCCM one by one. Despite the ups and downs of our network, we never stopped attending activities, bringing up leaders, finding prospects and taking action. We constantly worked towards our network members’ achievements and their achievements were our main motivation to strive for excellence. We were determined to help more downlines succeed and live up to the Elken flying geese spirit. Our perseverance has finally paid off,” said Sen How.

Shiau Ting added, “Most people slow down when they have kids. For us, our 3 kids are the main motivation to continue striving for greater success. Our first child was born in 2008, our second child was born in 2010 and finally, as we welcomed our third child in 2012, we became Elken’s 87th MCCM. This is the best gift for our kids and it is also the best example (role model) we set for our network.

“We believe as long as we make the right choice, dreams will definitely come true. At Elken, as long you do the ‘right’ things, allow yourself to grow and become better at every stage, you’ll soon succeed. This is simply because the best way to succeed is to persist until you do! We will continue to share this with others and help more people achieve their dreams!” they declared.

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

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