My husband and I are just ordinary civil servants with a combined income of less than RM5K a month. Initially, we got involved in the Elken business to make some extra income to clear our debts. As we ran the business, we fell in love with its fair reward system. It’s definitely not a 5D system – Duduk Diam-Diam Daput Duit (do nothing and earn money). There’s always pressure working in the corporate world – however at Elken, we do everything happily and no one decides or limits our income. Most importantly, we have to believe in the business, set our goals and work to realise it. Now, we are Gen Y DCMs with a 5-figure income. We’ve also brought up a 23-year-old Gen Y Power who’s now earning a 5-figure income. Without dreams, nothing can be realised. Focus on your goal and never stop working towards it!

Sa’banur Sa’diah Binti Abd Manan, 27 / Mohd Hanafi Bin Ramlee, 27
Admin Assistant / Economic Affairs Officer Assistant from Johor
Joined Elken: 2012
Travelling Campaign/Fund: Zhangjiajie, Korea

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
Sharing in lucrative rewards

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