I used to be an active housewife who took part in dietary courses and conducted health talks through Ria radio station, schools and several institutions in Malaysia and Singapore. My knowledge in the healthcare industry convinced me to share about the goodness of Elken’s RO water. I became DCM within 4 months and in SV7, I became CCM with a 5-figure income. Elken’s comprehensive System Education trains every individual in this business to became professional health and beauty consultants, while experienced leaders are always there to share their secrets of success.

Every career has its own challenges and my secret to overcoming them is positive thinking and staying fit and healthy. Never complain, never give up. As a mother of 8 kids, my family is my priority and I’m ready to make sacrifices to give them a quality lifestyle. My husband’s support is the main fuel that keeps me going in the Elken career. Dare to dream big and believe in your dream – Insyaallah, all our dreams will come true one day.

Norah Md Yusoff, 40
Housewife from Singapore
Joined Elken: 2013
Travelling Campaign/Fund: Zhangjiajie, Spain, Korea
Car Fund: Qualified
House Fund: Qualified

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
Sharing in lucrative rewards

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