As my hotel business yields a 6-figure monthly income and gives my family a luxurious lifestyle, I don’t need to earn extra income. Initially, I joined Elken to support my upline who tirelessly traveled to Kememan by bus to share the Elken business. I was touched by her sincerity and persistence. Later, I became convinced of the products’ efficacy when my skin became radiant and my body was slimmer and more captivating after taking El Marino and using DX for almost a year.

I started to share with family and friends about the Elken opportunity and products. Surprising, I became RSM within 5 minutes! 2 months later, I became DCM and 4 months later, I became CCM. My secret to success is simple: work hard, be kind and humble. The road to success is now easier with Elken’s excellent products and established brand. Sharing is also extremely easy as the products speak for themselves. My next goal is to become MCCM within 2 years and I’m confident of achieving it!

Mafadzlina Bt. Husain, 44
Hotel Owner from Terengganu
Joined Elken: Feb 2013
Travelling Campaign/ Fund: Spain
Car Fund: Porsche Panamera

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
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