Initially, I tried Elken products to solve my severe acne. Then, ‘fate’ took me to the Elken business opportunity when I attended a TBW on my sister’s behalf. Initially, I had a limited social circle; most of my friends couldn’t afford the products as we were students. I was also concerned the business would affect my academic performance. Then MCCM Wong Chew Wah shared with me that the Elken business isn’t about hard-selling but understanding, sharing and caring. As I put aside my concerns and did the business wholeheartedly, not only was I able to be financially independent at 23, I also successfully graduated from university. If you have the same doubts like I did, be assured – you can study and graduate successfully while running the Elken business!

Pang Ken Yew, 23
UM Graduate (Mechanical Engineering) from Seberang Jaya
Joined Elken: 2009

Source: Elken Club Nov 2013

Cherie Ang
Sharing in lucrative rewards

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